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A 7000 year old cave painting that happens to look a lot like the iconic police box of a certain time traveling Timelord.

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The Tardis is Real [Google Maps]

Google maps this address. hit street view. Turn a bit to your right. Zoom in. Bam. TARDIS. "343 Hull Road, York, England, YO10 3, United Kingdom” and you will see that beautiful blue box. Google sees all, even you Doctor.

Time Travel With Me?: Doctor Who TARDIS Door Ring This is the TARDIS ring designed and sold by Etsy seller dtekdesigns. It looks like the door of Doctor Who's TARDIS (or any blue police callbox). The ring comes with a 1/4 carat total weight of diamonds and blue sapphires and costs $1,100 in sterling silver. A white, yellow or rose gold version will set you back $1,900, and titanium $3,000. Read More:

Why the Doctor didn't come back for Amy for 12 years - the whole course of history would change if he had been on time! HIS personal destiny would have changed if he had been on time! If Mels were to succeed in killing him at her younger age, then Rory and Amy would never had ended up having River in the Tardis while traveling, resulting in a regenerating, kidnapped baby trained to destroy the Doctor, but in that case, who would have killed the Doctor? Was the Tardis avoiding paradoxes? Yes.

Doctor Who : The TARDIS, next stop anywhere! Do you really think that it could park inside itself though? YES! DR Who

Through the wonders of 3D printing technology, biscuit / cookie cutters by WarpZone, in a variety of classic Doctor Who shapes: the TARDIS, Dalek, K9, a Weeping Angel, Cyberman, a blobby little Adipose, and others. Great level of details comes through in the biscuit. You’ll be able to easily exterminate the Dalek in your stomach acids, but be wary of blinking while baking the Weeping Angels. $6 - 7 ea.

Jeremy: "Do you know how the TARDIS works?" David: "Of course I do!" Jeremy: "How does it work?" David: "You wouldn’t understand." ♥

Time Traveling hipster in the past! It's a museum photo, so highly doubt it's photo edited. The man with what appears to be very modern sunglasses seems to be wearing a stamped T-shirt with a nice sweater, all the while holding a portable compact camera! If this isnt't a time traveler it's definitely the original hipster.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Mosaic Lantern Made-To-Order


Time traveling evidence...or reincarnation?

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