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If you are a fan of reading books and want a new way to store your books, check out these ideas. We have 10 creative bookshelf ideas for you.

Interessante oder lustige Fundstücke - Seite 41 - Café - eBook Reader Forum

Oh heaven! Two of my favorite things - tiny books and a suitcase! Suitcase full of tiny tiny books by Adriana.

Tiny living has been a dream of mine for a while ...well "Small" living is more accurate, However I just could NOT live with out my books! Two of these in a room and I wouldn't have to! LOVE!

21 Bookshelf Designs That Roll, Stretch, Climb Or Just Hold Stuff, Maybe Even Books

This chair is every book nerds dream! What better way to display and organize your books than encompassed on a comfy modern chair.


We have rounded up some cool and creative bookshelves that geeks would love. THE PIANO BOOKSHELF!

Found some awesome bookends. - Imgur

Found some awesome bookends.

Funny pictures about Awesome bookends. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome bookends. Also, Awesome bookends.

stairs painted as books ...I'd select some of my favorite books: Huck Finn, Walking On Water (Madeleine L'Engle!), Orbiting the Giant Hairball, The Creative Habit (Twyla Tharp), The Trickster's Hat (Nick Bantock, 2014) . . .

31 Brilliant Stairs Decals Ideas & Inspiration

Step one: save. Step two: buy dream home. Step three: immediately do this to a set of stairs in said house.

Bibliochaise / Italian / Nobody & Co.

It Slices, It Dices: Bibliochaise - Who Needs a Bookshelf?

One step up from the red bookshelf chair on this board! Check out the perfect addition of a footrest bookshelf to this perfect reading chair.

Book clock - how clever is this?! Too bad Amazon review say the quality isn't too high. I wonder if I could build one myself...

Colorful, funny, creative, ideal for bookshelf time piece. It's all about the Karlsson Table Clock Book. The hours are cunningly disguised as book titles. Thanks to this clock


19 Hardcore Images Of Bookshelf Porn

book tub.

Now that's a bathtub! Brings new meaning to reading a book while taking a bath. Vanessa Mancini made this entirely out of books which she cut and fitted together over a metal frame.