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  • Alicia S

    Beginners to Photoshop: Photo Editing is Easier Than You Think! Great Photoshop tutorials on this website, as well as Photoshop actions.

  • Teddy Bear Portraits

    #Photography beginners; Photo editing #preschooler #family

  • Megan Herne

    photoshop techniques

  • Carlos Miranda

    Photoshop, try this technique with editing.

  • Lisa Makowski

    How to edit photos in Photoshop

  • Vicky Claunch Lynn

    e wrote, “I have been working hard at learning how to edit pictures, and your actions have made it so so so much easier and way better than I could have ever learned to do myself. I cannot thank you enough.  It also gives me a great deal of confidence to know that this edit was a good one!  Again, thank you!” Below is her edit, and a list step-by-step of what she did. This is impressive work from so

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Safety first! Remember, it may be photoshopped so don't try this at home (this goes for hammocks too).

This entire Flickr stream is nothing but "how-to's" and tips for posing and editing newborn photos.

How to edit your photos in Picmonkey. Looking for those beautiful, crisp and clear shots for your crafts or home decor? This will show you how.

These are some awesome actions for photoshop and elements!!

This is a great blog site that explains step by step various tips that can be used in editing pictures in sublet ways that will lead to a large impact. The blogger explains how the uses of the brightness/contrast tools can be beneficial. Also playing around with the opacity, saturation and adding various layers can add a softness and vivid look.

Fix under-eye circles by doing a blank layer, use the eyedropper to sample skin near the under-eye circle then use the brush to brush that color on the circles. Lower the layer opacity to suit. - check more on my website