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This is the first book that I ever fell in love with! Because of Stephenie Meyer I love reading!

Unlike everyone I know who have read the saga, I actually LOVED this book. One of my faves after Breaking Dawn

New Moon! The book was better, my least favorite twilight movie, but it was still great:)

This was a short novel that Stephenie Meyer wrote to supplement her Twilight Saga. It was very good!

Eclipse ~ Say what you want about her writing style, the movies, and this cult phenomenon that the Twilight Series created, but you have to respect her story. How she dreamed it, wrote it (instead of just letting the idea die away) got denied by over 20 publishers, kept going and now her books are blockbuster movies.

new-moon-movie-pictures-709 | Twilight Guide

I still have all the books from when I was little and I read them all to my children.

25 Series to Read if you loved the Hunger Games! Dont know about love but yay, more to read!

Anything & everything by both Dave Peltzer or Richard Peltzer is worth reading & will open your eyes to child abuse!

I feel like I'm bashing Twilight a lot tonight. Haha, what do you think Brittany Hughes ?

P C Cast - goddess summoning series