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Ok, so it's a tie. This is my other favorite animal (aside from the Pekingese of course).

( WANT ONE! ) * * OTTER: " Yoo may wantz me, but pleeze just loves me and puts me back in me homeland stream."

North American River Otter by florin

This is one of the cutest baby animals I've ever seen!!! Adorable baby otter.

"Come by the Poodle Peace Parade. Otter be more peace in the world, don't you agree?!"

I'm thinking at this point, perhaps I should just start an otter board.

idk...this one's a cross between super cute and just plain funny

10411724_452560831565418_665265046988758476_n.jpg 432×640 pixels

Otter DOWN! I am laughing so hard over this!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh this is just too cute. Just another reason why the otter is one of my absolute favorite animals. ♥