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    Dragon fruit

    Akebi, the Japanese fruit is a mysterious and beautiful fruit native to the north of Japan. The Akebi fruit will burst open naturally when fully ripe showing the translucent white flesh inside, filled with countless white capped shiny black seeds which can be eaten.

    Golden Raspberries #raspberries

    Chestnuts #chestnuts #fruit #栗


    Musa acuminata is a species of herbaceous plant from Southeast Asia. It is the largest herbaceous plant living today. They are so large that some people call them trees although they are not trees. Musa acuminata is a species of wild banana native to Southeast Asia. It is the progenitor of modern edible bananas, along with Musa balbisiana. First cultivated by humans around 8000 years ago, it is one of the earliest examples of domesticated plants.

    Persimmon #柿 #fruit #kaki #persimmon

    Farming & Agriculture: Jabuticaba: The Fruit Bearing Tree #fruit #jaboticaba

    White currants. #fruit #currants

    Durian.. more than you think! #fruit #durian

    (phot + description via flickr) - Gac fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis)- Southeast Asian fruit found throughout the region from Southern China to Northeastern Australia, mostly Vietnam The meat inside is bright red and soft with flat, round, hard, brow/black seed. The meat is smashed and mixed with sweet rice then steamed to make a delicious dish. Because of the bright red color the sweet rice dish is usually present in the ancestral altar during the new year celebration or wedding ceremony.

    Papaya Tree #fruits #papaya

    Baked pears with vanilla, ginger and lemongrass #pear #food #sweet

    柿 Kaki, Japanese persimmon


    Single Tree Grows 40 Kinds Of Fruit

    Pears in puff pastry dough

    Dragon Fruit - What is it and how to eat it at Cooking Melangery Angela Martin Melangery


    These Mouth-Watering Food Photos Will Make You Love Cooking Again | Raw File |

    These Mouth-Watering Food Photos Will Make You Love Cooking Again | Raw File |

    Contrast: The different varieties of Glass Gem can appear starkly divergent from one another


    Farming & Agriculture: Growing Blackberries in your Yard