The SSB-1 book display, Erik Heywood for BOOK/SHOP

sconces + art above practical storage

Whether you have an excess of square footage or are cramped into a too-small space, there are inventive ways to squeeze out useful organization from your home. In a centrally located spot such as a kitchen, a small stretch of wall offers a precious few inches for a family organization spot. Give each person their own slot, or include a message board with important reminders.

Fancy up your shelves & keep things from slipping by lining wire shelves with foam board covered in contact paper. ViaHome Decor Ideas

Pretty Entry Organization!

I love this idea! Shutter with a shelf above and a bunting by @Aubrey Godden Godden Stewart :)

create shelving closet at end of bed for guests? Use existing closet for craft supplies.

Shut the front door! Raise cabinets to ceiling and add a shelf under. Love this idea! Easy way to maximize space and getting rid of that useless dust-collecting space above the cabinets.

Dining room inspiration - love the shelves above the buffet and the wine glass storage

Display Shelf

DIY: entry organizer

Kids' entry station >> great space for child minding organisation

hall entry way

home command center

Great paper organizing system for visual people.

entry way

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