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  • Patricia

    2nd grade math games - Keep an ace up your sleeve! Here's how you can transform a deck of cards into a fun and interactive learning experience!

  • Laura Pecina

    10 card games to boost 2nd grade math skills

  • Stephanie Harris

    10 Card Games to Boost 2nd/3rd Grade Math Skills - the kids loved play subtraction war!

  • 41900043

    Card Games to Help 2nd graders with Math skills

  • Amanda Emley

    Slideshow: 10 Card Games to Boost Second Grade Math Skills

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Ten-Twenty-Thirty: "The objective of the game is to try to get each row of three cards to equal a sum of a multiple of 10...To make the game more challenging, try finding sums of different multiple bases. For example, if you use 6 as a base, sums would have to add to 6, 12, 18..."

10 games with cards for second graders to practice their math skills. A few are using the game "War" with some twists.

for the teachers I know ... teaching ideas

cute subtraction poem media-cdn8.pinter... kelshockley classroom ideas

Students practice their subtraction skills by bowling in math centers!

This is dealing with subtraction. When the frog hops on to the lilly pad the student has to figure out the answer. This will be a learning center.

Even more possibilities if you add the order of operations and draw multiple cards....or exponents.... I like it!

Close call - addition practice - open 4 cards; make 2digit + 2digit sum closest to 100 to get a point. or make largest sum (

math menu - lots of different math options - great for stations or for students who finish early. This is 2nd grade, but is a good idea.

good way to organize a math wall instead of huge anchor charts that take up more room!

Elevens Card Game-Get out a deck of cards and practice finding sums of 11 in this one-player math game! You'll lay out nine cards, then try to find sets of cards that add up to 11.

What a cute game! Can't find the original link-if anyone does, let me know. PERFECT for Halloween!