I like the idea of the drawers being a bold contrast color. Possibly a metallic paint for our bedroom vanity.

Hexotica: DIY: My Pop-Gothic Glossy Black and Violet Re-Vamped Dresser. This might work well for my bedroom suit. Just not such a bright color on the inside.

Flamingoaway Yard Art $44.99 Get rid of tacky flamingo yard art with this handmade, clever metal sculpture. Small metal yard art (7″ by 6″ by 2″) is great for a small herb garden, fairy garden or on a counter indoors. Have fun with your garden! Each flamingo-away is an individual work. USA made.

How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials

This awesome Mini Gnome Be Gone Flamingoaway by Sugarpost artist Fred Conlon is sure ellicite SOME kind of rea

Potential disco sticks? Led lights attached? Or simple campsite decoration..

PINK 263-1 Traditional Two PINK Flamingo

I love these gnomes... Gnome-Be-Gone Swing Set

A tribute to playground courtship and grade school crushes, this charming swing set features a pair of curious little creatures destined for each other. Handmade by Utah artist Fred Conlon from new and recycled steel.