“The citric acid in lemons helps cut into and lift away oils, which make this invaluable for cleaning your kitchen,” says Duvauchelle. “Add a squeeze to your favorite green dish detergent, or fill a greasy pot or pan with hot water and add a lemon wedge.”

It is possible for a family to live without a fridge. It simply requires some slight changes in how we think about food

There are so many tricks to saving money on food & household items with coupons. I like having links to these 4 online coupon websites up my sleeve. Part of my coupon tips for beginners series to help families save money! There are free printable coupons for the grocery store and drug store, Target, and CVS, really anywhere that accepts manufacturer's coupons.


Just a few tips to try. The Dawn one only paralyzes the fleas temporarily, so you might be able to rinse them all off. Won't kill the eggs. Dryer sheets are actually full of toxic chemicals and while it might make your dog smell better it could also make them very sick.

More On That Wonder Aid ACV! A great article and chart about the many benefits and uses of raw apple cider vinegar

51 homemade cleaners and free printable labels

After the grocery trip, make sure you store your groceries correctly to save the most money possible. For more guides like this, go to www.civilizedcavemancooking.com

If you have a household dairy and milk dairy goats, you’ll want to process your homegrown goat’s milk so it stays fresh and yummy as can be.

Couvercles de silicone | La vie LC

Velveeta Unless you grew up surrounded by Cheddar and Gorgonzola, this was the staple cheese in your household.

8 Smart Solutions to Little Household Problems - Grandparents.com

8 Smart Solutions to Little Household Problems - Grandparents.com

Karo Syrup, 1939 On march the Dionne Quintuplets... full of 'food-energy sugar', whatever that means.

8 Smart Solutions to Little Household Problems - Grandparents.com

#5. Homemade Fruit And Veggie Wash -- 22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!) These are all so much healthier, too!

Homemade Carpet Powder - Mrs Happy Homemaker

How To Make Bath Salts (Including CHOCOLATE Bath Salts)

Trying to get rid of plastic in your kitchen! Here is a super easy, DIY cloth plastic wrap replacement! | areturntosimplicity.com

The Latest Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for Summer

Over 350 melaleuca products: Food, Beauty, Pharmacy and House products, all natural - Bing Images