• Emily Lloyd

    Joanne Woodward. This is so my husband!! Always making me laugh!

  • Christy Skalecki

    I would say that too, if I married Paul Newman. Good thing I've got my own sexy, funny man.

  • Mindy seal

    joanne woodward and paul newman were married 50 years. This is so true. Love that man that makes me laugh!

  • Kate-Lyn Allen

    yes! true story, love that he can always make me laugh :)

  • Talina

    joanne woodward and paul newman were married 50 years before Paul passed. My hubby and I celebrate our 48th this Memorial Day Weekend. Falling in love with and marrying your best friend is a sure fire solid foundation that will last through thick and thin.

  • Susan Husong Stapleton

    Joanne Woodward - the REAL treat was to be married to Paul Newman for 50 years :-)

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