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Too fat for Facebook: photo banned for depicting body in 'undesirable manner'

Too fat for Facebook: photo banned for depicting body in 'undesirable manner'. We really need an alternative to facebook!

Funny Icebreaker Questions

I use this list all the time a list of Funny Icebreaker Questions that can be used with any age group even in staff meetings

Heartbreaking photos show what it’s like living in a walled city of a brothel

'Beach body ready' tube advert protests planned for Hyde Park

'The online petition reads: “Protein World is directly targeting individuals, aiming to make them feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model, in order to sell their product.' (Davies,

如何确保汽车安全气囊正常操作?只需一个方法! #buzzytime #airbag

Miami Woman Pulls over Cop for Driving 90 on His Way to Work and What Happens next Is Awesome | Alternet

100 Tutorials to Boost Your Online Marketing Skills

Every once in a while, an article appears that says exactly what's on my mind... Marketing is an enigma. It's both art and science, creative and analytical, intuitive and logical, amorphous and tangible. That's probably why it mystifies most.

(left, Clinton body count. Attorney Brenda Corpian beaten with an inch of death after Howell interview.) This explosive story has gone under the radar. “Brenda Corpian,” left, a pseudonym, is the attorney who broke the story of James Wesley Howell...

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Your iPhone will now track how much sex you have

iOS 9: iPhone will now track sexual activity. Yes this is something really need on our phone. Just absurd.