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James West and Artemus Gordon are Secret Service agents 1 & 2 for President Grant who take their splendidly appointed private train caboose through the west to fight evil & Dr. Loveless

My sentiments exactly. Patent law should be for protecting intellectual property. Not for protecting slow-moving pioneers from fast, innovative competition.

Barack Obama 'Very Proud' of His Record-Breaking Obstructionism of Transparency Laws

Quinoa: good, evil, or just really complicated?

Quinoa: good, evil, or just really complicated? Quinoa's rise from local food to global commodity has carried a high environmental and social cost, but that doesn't mean you should stop eating it Share 266 inShare1 Email Tom Philpott for Mother Jones, part of the Guardian Environment Network, Friday 25 January 2013 15.24 GMT

Trump's trust-me pitch is a really big ask: Column

Asking to trust Trump is a very big ask. Donald Trump’s policy suggestions — from torture and ISIL to immigration, Muslims and nuclear weapons — are vague, radical, or both. And Congress doesn’t have much of a track record of reining in presidents. The only people trusting Trump are the racist idiots that voted for him.

The Headline: 2 little, 2 late: A decade after 7/7 Obama speeding up training of ISIL forces The Story: A precise decade after Islamists murdered innocent Westerners, a new age leader from the academic world lectured the West to be nicer to Muslims. In 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called evil out by name and demanded forceful action. In 2015, President Barack Obama proudly claimed that he was “speeding up training of ISIL forces.” It was a slip of the lip.

My mom, the Mistress of the Malapropism, once called this show "How Do Ya Doody." Family legend has it that when I was only a year old, I got so excited when my parents flipped to the channel with Howdy, I stood on my head. No other TV show has gotten that reaction out of me since.