garden for our apartment

I need to try this for herbs!! 24 Creative Garden Container Ideas | Use hanging shoe racks to grow a vertical garden.

for the garden!

DIY Mini Green House ~ use a trimmed, clean upturned drink bottle to create humidity while raising seeds. Easy to grow micro greens or herbs on a sunny windowsill this way + keep plastic out of landfill. Trim sprouted seedlings with scissors & add to salads or transplant outdoors when mature. ~ The Micro Gardener

Raised Bed Garden DesignsRaised Bed Garden Designs

How clever is this?

Growing lettuce in a vertical garden

Love doing this kinda stuff. Its a perfect way to have a lil garden in a small apartment :)



Here's an idea for my old shoes.

Great way to grow herbs in a small space.

vertical herb garden

Tin Can Planters

formal herb garden

use this idea with the one I printed out with better instructions....

Vertical garden.

How to make hanging garden

Add color without taking up precious lawn space. Good idea, especially if you have a small garden.

terraced hillside veggie garden. perfect use of my backyard hill

Urban Community Garden