homebed theater

The perfect cuddling couch.

this is my kind of theater room...I got to do this in the kid's theatre room : )

wrap the couch in bookshelves rather than have end tables... LOVE THIS!!!

Snuggle Movie Sofa.

Sofa Murphy Bed- designed by Montana Murphy Beds LOVE that the bench is there when the bed is not, so there is still seating. Can we do that? We would not have the craft table though...


omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. <3


Urban Grace Interiors...coolest home theater ever.


Home Theater entrance with Snack Bar

Okay, not like the cinema, but I like it even more. The couch, big enough for tons of people and it looks comfortable enough to sleep on, hopefully that will not cause a problem. The screen, huge and close to the couch, which I find wonderful. Perfect home theater for me, I would absolutely LOVE having this in my home.

movie theater



Sleepover Room

lots of cushions in theater 5 Favorites: Stylish Home Theaters : Remodelista

Home Theater

theater room

Attic theater? I think yes.