Can make adult size for summer with old green tank!

T-shirt dress! Cut off too short tshirts, sew in ruffles, ribbon, fabric pieces, anything to lengthen the shirt into a dress! Could also add another layer to favorite dresses this way.

Toddler Ruffle Dress from Upcycled T-shirt One of my favorite T-Shirt up-cycles

Make a girls' dress from an old sweater - dying to do this!

T-Shirt to Ruffle Bottom Dress

T-shirt made into a dress.

how to make a simple applique.

Cute and funky DIY t-shirt dress!

So cute, ruffle t-shirt dresses for baby and toddler girls.

As crafty as I am, I do not know how to sew :( Wish I did, or knew someone who could make these for my girls ;)

The finished product is TOO CUTE!!!

upcycled men's shirt into girl's dress

t-shirt upcycling

Very simple dress!

t-shirt refashion into girls' dress

where to cut a shirt to turn into a tank

Ruffled leggings with upcycled t-shirt dress.

Re-purposing: Stained Tshirt into a Shrug