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The real overly manly man…(I'm fairly certain these are the same man)

Lost it at "apply bacon."

Nicola Tesla is a very amazing man yet everyone only knows Thomas Edison. I first read about Tesla in a book called Distant Waves and it described some of his amazing inventions. He not only invented awesome stuff but he also was a genuinely nice person and wanted to make the world a better place!! This man deserves so much more recognition than he gets!!!

Very true......

George Carlin

So true...#stan Lee making more money from nerds than a bully at lunchtime #funny #humor #jokes | re-pinned by http://www.wfpblogs.com/category/funny/

So true!

i love scooter!... and had NO IDEA alyson hannigan is married to sandy rivers.. mind=blown.

Technically she's correct...

OK- this guy is HILARIOUS!

Meanwhile, at a women's equality demonstration, possibly the best protest sign ever.

Jim Gaffigan

Bros making fun of Pinterest

Ha True

When You Post Your Kids Photos This is What We See - Ugly Kids - Blind Parents - Little Monsters. LOL!! OMG, so true!

Oh my God

Oh god, dying.

Haha love Ryan gosling. He looks so flattered/uncomfortable....how that's possible I don't know

very true