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  • Lori Lee Mickelson

    The Frugal Teacher: Busy feet! Slip a PVC pipe over a bungee cord and hook it to the desk leg. The student who can't sit still has a place to keep his feet busy while keeping his bottom in the chair.

  • Kimberlee Graves

    A bungee cord with hooks on each end has a piece of pvc tubing threaded over it. The student can focus better when he has his feet occupied and also he is kept in his chair. I am thinking that a section of a pool noodle would be quieter and still accomplish the same outcome. From: The Frugal Teacher: Busy feet!

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Perfect little garage for little people to park their toys in our yard. All I need is a roof

Great tutorial for making these for these. Use plane fabric or melmac board for dry erase.(Use zip ties to attach) Paint the other side with magnetic paint or even cover with felt for felt board.

Reading hut ... Pvc pipes rock!!! He he

PVC Pipe Physics for Kids -- Kids exploring physics concepts with pvc pipes in the water table! Lots of building fun, experimenting, giggles, and wet children!

DIY ball pit for any sensory or calming room. use 3/4 in pvc pipe, pool noodles for cushion, pvc glue, and then an old sheet for the cover.

The Gravity-Defying Bongo Board: This simple device will thrill your little daredevils. Challenge kids to see who can stand on the board the longest without letting the ends touch the ground. Our directions give a couple of sizes for the board and for the pipe, so you can choose the degree of difficulty. (Balancing is easier on a wider board and pipe, harder on a narrower board and pipe.)

This is sooo easy --- Make this Practice Thermometer with a straw and a pipe cleaner!

Use this fun illustration to teach kids to be flexible instead of rigid! - nice illustration for the classroom!

Toddler Approved!: Pipe Cleaner Rhyming Sticky Wall

Threading a rainbow on pipe cleaners. Color matching, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination all in one activity!