I think I have been too much with my Right brain http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/543/wallpaper1206472.jpg

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Left Brain - Right Brain..

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Color meanings. This would be great to slip these in here and there.....

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Would be weird to walk on this floor, which is actually absolutely flat.

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absolutely flat


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completely flat

'to be a kid again' ... OHHHHHH I would SOOOOOO DO this!!!!! My sons were into Dinosaurs/Volcanoes and Cars/Army Men instead. THIS would have been SO COOL!!! #INEEDGrandbabies!

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Rewiring The Brain

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jimmy lawlor

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By Vivienne To

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The Brain's Way of Healing^

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Shadow Play Photographic print by paper artist, Elly MacKay (original scene made with ink on paper + dollhouse paper) Printed on archival

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Brainy Brain Brain.

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Peacock Watercolor


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This is one of my very favorites


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The human brain cannot create faces. Therefore when you dream, if you see someone you do not know, you have seen their face before - even if it was for a split second at the store.

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Inspirational Quotes on Love Life and Success #Live Life Happily #Life Experiences #Wise Words #Motivational Words - Collection Of Inspiring...

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The Brain That Changes Itself...... I watched the documentary it is incredible ....can't wait to read the book

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