I think I have been too much with my Right brain http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/543/wallpaper1206472.jpg

Left Brain - Right Brain..


Would be weird to walk on this floor, which is actually absolutely flat.

If the world lost oxygen for 5 seconds. This is so neat! DONT CHANGE ANYTHING!!!

Peacock Watercolor

Shadow Play - reserved for Lisa Photographic print by paper artist, Elly MacKay (original scene made with ink on paper + dollhouse paper)

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Brainy Brain Brain.

By Vivienne To

gabriel moreno.

Makes you want to explore.

left brain/right brain

creativity is . . .

This is awesome.

True story about the brain <--- the colors are SOOO PRETTY! Pretty neat picture!

"L.P. Jacks" - 11 __ Photography © Pery Burge __ #inspirational #creativity #concept #art #direction #graphic #photography #painting #digital #mixed_media #tumblr

The Wonders Within Your Head (That little room at the bottom at the back is where all those forgotten names have fallen to. probably it isn't named because it is forgotten. BB )

Or left handed.