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    My fave show as a kid!

    I loved my Spirograph!!!

    Who could forget my weird but cute little ALF doll...

    My fave board game!!

    Loved this too!!!!

    loved these!


    Alf, had one of these

    I loved these! .

    Remember these? :)

    I remember doing this!


    I loved these!

    remember when all this was necessary?

    Popples- remember these?

    23 Things you used to wear as a kid... 80s & 90s girls will all remember these.

    *Bozo The Clown---Chicago TV station Channel 9--WGN...Bozo was a kid favorite

    Weird TV Crossover: "Alf" & "Gilligan's Island" - BuzzFeed Mobile

    OMG I remember these! I had both of these and I think some more...

    Putting these on your nose... totally loved doing this, tried to show my kids how to do it... they thought I was crazy... ha!

    1986 Plush ALF Doll.