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Country. Country. Country.

I remember this picture hanging in my dads office when I was younger. Blessed to grow up a farm girl!!!

You Been Farming Long? Gotta Love It!!! Omg I remember this from when I was a kid at the farm shows!

This picture hung up in lots of the farm stores where I grew up. It had the first little boy saying "ya been farming long?". Memories

"Been farming long?" captures the heart of every little boy who aspires to grow up just like dad and to be a farmer.

I remember this picture hanging in my grandparents house at the farm, Love it :)

You Been Farming Long? I remember this from when I was growing up

You been farming long? Cutest thing!!

Any one remember this from years gone by?  I scanned this note card that I found while looking for something else a few weeks ago.  I was quite surprised to find a larger framed version at the farm house while we sorting through things last weekend.  I hadn't remembered they had one hanging up anywhere.  You've got to admit, even if you're not into country note cards, these little guys are adorable. Since I was country when country wasn't cool, as the song goes, here's my own little farmer boy photo, along with a little girl.  Hmmm, wonder who she could be? Yep, that's me at age 3.  The little boy on the left is my age and we were attending the birthday party of the little boy on the right who had turned the ripe old age of 4.   All this information was written on the back of this old photo, or I might not have known the ages or the occasion.  Aren't those boys just the cutest in their little overalls?   (they were cute when they got older, too!)  As for me, I always loved being around the boys! Until next time...

Remember these cute farm boys? - "Been farming long?"

Only if it was a green tractor

Picture Ideas :) By~Imago Photography Chattanooga Wedding Photography Home Portfolio Weddings Engagements Bridals Details Modern Family Contact investment Destination Categories FotoBox Modern Family

Picture Ideas :) By~Imago Photography Chattanooga Wedding Photography Home Portfolio Weddings Engagements Bridals Details Modern Family Contact investment Destination Categories FotoBox Modern Family

Picture Ideas :) When Sammy is big enough to sit on the little tractor!

#shethinksmytractorssexy #countryboy @Samantha Emmons

She thinks my tractor's sexy

Picture Ideas. Country boy.


Photo ideas

Country Girl - #CountryLife

The Skeptical Baby Meme is Hilarious | Baby Mum-Mum | Funny Baby Memes | #BabyMumMum #babymemes #funnymemes

Funny Stuff | funny babies saying funny things funny babies saying funny things ...

Funny baby memes for stressful mommy days #babymemes #fun #baby #humor

funny baby faces with quotes | 10 New Skeptical Baby Memes

So funny, look at his face! He is so cute

Skeptical Baby Meme.awww

Funny pictures about You want to take my temperature? Where Exactly? Funny baby meme pic. and many other pics and crazy photos at

create your own skeptical baby meme using our quick meme generator

The Skeptical Baby Meme is Hilarious


Country life - Too cute to not pin..does he have the cowboy stand or what?! Little boy watching the livestock leaning on the fence.

Country life - Too cute to not pin... I really want a little boy!

Country life - little cowboy.

Country life - Baby cowboy

Thats my future son BTW

Little country boy

Country Kid

lil cowboy

farm boy

So cute!

if I am blessed with a little boy someday, he will own a cowboy hat

country life...@Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Hintze!!!!!

country life, my future son will look like this

Photo idea for graham and his cousins!!

country life: for little boys

little cowboy. my future son

cute little country boy

Lil bit country

Picture ideas

Country boys

Super cute photo!! Not sure if it'd work with my boys but love the idea of the boys with the old truck

Big Red Truck with ...Little country boys :) totally takin this pic of my boys

Little country boys :) Great picture idea for the boys and their best friend

Boys and an old truck :) Reminds me of when my boys were small. :D

So cute! Brothers - Sibling picture - family photo idea

This is too cute. Old truck, little country boys

Great kid-picture idea on a truck

Photography Ideas Kids

country life

Rookie Momsfrom Rookie Moms

Toddler's Rules

truth lol

Toddler's Rules of Possession. So true. (and my 3 children who are not toddlers!!!)

toddler rules...too funny and so true. Sounds like my two grandsons ;)

Toddler's Rules of Possession. So true. This is my son

Toddler's Rules of Possession. This is so true! lol

toddler rules. yep sounds just like my kiddos!!!

Toddler Rules...make than 3-5 year old rules..

Toddler's Rules of Possession. Funny stuff.

Toddlers Rules of Possession lol so true!

toddlerrules so true!

Triplets. 3 it is

This is too funny!! I was planned, my brothers were not - #Cute and #funny #babies wearing funny t-shirts that read: "I was planned. I was not. Me neither."

This is too funny!! I was planned, my brothers were not - Cute and funny babies wearing funny t-shirts

this is so cute and really funny lol just wouldnt want triplets maybe twins lol

Whoops - triplets! ツ so funny and so true but for me it was twins!

Funny Stuff! Click the picture to see more!

hahahahaha. That is so funny!

So funny. So cute!

Made me giggle

Collection of funny baby pictures, kids, cute, images, graphics, pics for facebook and myspace.

Country Boys

Country guys...mine is and loves country living! No busy city life for us...been there done that and now we are true country highlanders living in the rolling hills of south central Manitoba.

there's one thing you cant avoid country boys

Country Boys ( gotta love em)

Country Boys..hellz yeah

Country Boys 😍😍 amen

#cowboy #hat


I have high standards because country music taught me how a man should treat a lady. Thanks to all those country songs!

"I have high standards because country music taught me how a man should treat a lady" Are there any country boys still out there?? :)

"I have high standards because [country music] taught me how a man should treat a lady" jesus christ what id give to have a country boy...

Country Girl. I have high standards because Country Music taught me how a man should treat a lady.

Country Quotes And Sayings | Country Girl Quotes and Sayings, Part 3 | Equote For Life

i have high standards because country music taught me. So true <3

Only southern girls can understand this!!

Country Music <3 So true!

AMEN!!! <3 #countrygirl

mini country love

ladies love country boys <3. This is the freakin cutest thing!!!

country boy & girl. So sweet! Ha! Look at that little camo hat

young love so fricking cute little country boy in the making

I just died. Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

probably the cutest thing ever. <3 OMG!!

country lovin' :) how sweet

First Kiss

Gravel roads, bonfires, deer huntin, 4-wheeler ridin through fields of mud & some good ole country friends... Most of the girls would say hell no to the country life. But my reaction would be a big ole "HELL YEAH!!"

Kimi. Country girl. deer&pheasant hunting. guns. fishing. beef cattle. mudding. 4wheelers. CHEVY trucks. plaid. camo. mossy oak. country music Patrick, my true love. I love my firefighter


true, pure love_as a mother of a solider who served 2 tours in afghanistan I can so relate to this. God Bless our Troops

Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in #Iraq for 7 months! #soldiers #military #service #reunion #mothers

I cannot even imagine how difficult this must be for a parent.. Breaks my heart. God bless this mother and every parent who knows this difficulty too well...

A mother and daughter reunited after a tour in Iraq. God bless the sacrifice these incredible soldiers and sailors make for us.

I love this. Every time I see a picture like this, I want to just cry my eyes out. It tears me up to see families separated from war. But at the same time, I Thank each and EVERY SOLDIER because they are my heros. They deserve every bit of happiness in their lives. God Bless the United States Military.

God bless the soldiers....makes my heart break seeing this photo and makes my heart go out to all that fight for our country. XOXO

oh my gosh.. how real! makes my heart melt! God Bless our soldiers! TWO heroes here!!

A picture says a thousand words. #welcomehome


Farmer appreciation

"This big-wheeled wide load ain’t goin’ any faster. So just smile and wave and tip your hat to the man up on the tractor".. so true!

I'm the first to admit that getting behind a tractor is annoying, but this is SO true.

so true! I know, I use to be one of these people.. Lots of long hours

Farmer appreciation and so true no matter what state it comes from

Country life is always a chance to just slow down.

Farmer appreciation.. so true though

Farmers feed the world, say thanks!

Farmer true.

Country Girl Swag <3

Country Girl

Oh, you drive a truck AND listen to country music? Excuse me while I get naked.

hahahahaha, cant help my weakness for country men

Oh you drive a truck and listen to country music?

ahahahah love me some country boys

Haha funny stuff!

YES! so funny

So true!

Born in the North, raised southern by my southern parents! I love all country music. especially Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, Miranda Lambert, Merle Haggard, and The Band Perry. I live for college...

Lol :)

Amen y'all! (Hoes) Gotta love Country Music.........

I agree! But we can like dance music too!

Hahaha I say this all the time

Dogs , trucks and Love.

country lovin' :)

country music <3

haha so true.

hell yeah

city born country girl

good ole country boys

Country Men ... A breed all of their own kind. You just wouldn't see a group of BMW driving accountants from the big city up in the mud.

good gawd thank u for putting country boys on this earth!!

Who needs firemen when you have country boys :)

Every Country girl needs a Country boy.

Got to love a couple of country boys<3

Country Men Big Truck s& MUDDIN!!!

Country Livin', Country Lovin' <3

country must be country wide(:

country life

Country Boys

They raised me up a lady, but there was one thing they couldn't control... ladies love country boys :)

Country boys are not the same as rednecks! country boys are classy and educated!

Country Boys-even though I don't like a lot of country music.

Yes....this southern girl married one ;) they are THE best.

There's just something about a country boy!

Country boys are classy and educated!

girls love country boys :D

So true :)

Mikala.Pennsylvania.16 If your a country boy, country girl, && love trucks; this blog is for you (:


Country boys >>> Maybe one direction is an exception but...>>> I don't like how country music stars think they're so much better than some other music stars

Country boys >>> Maybe one direction is an exception but...>>> I don't like how country music stars think they're so much better than some other music stars>>>it's okay that they like country, but stop dissing what everyone else likes because it isn't country

Us country girls <3 them country boys!

Country boys >>>especially Luke Bryan

So true! Country boys <3

Country guys are HOT!

Country lovin' ;)

Country men!

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Country music

No hate for any music, we love it all! But Country Music rocks & this picture is hilarious!

I don't like country but even the baby knows it's better then Justin Bieber...

Hehehe. Impact of music genres on a baby! #CountryMusic for the win :)

Country music... my only reference to Justin Bieber on MY board!

This will be my childs face when i play country music to them!!!

This will be my children(:

Funny Pictures 39 Pics

My future kid

Baby love.