Great idea!


Vintage typewriter is a working USB keyboard. How cool is that!

key usb's

Writers of the digital age: Don't worry you can still live out your Hemingway fantasy. Plug your iPad into a USB typewriter!

Royal Typewriter No10 1933 by ruinshop on Etsy, $170.00

Another USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard by usbtypewriter on etsy. Pricey, but cool.

Qwerkywriter - iPad Typewriter Keyboard

iPad writer haha

Typewriter Keyboard

Never has file storage been so adorable.

Pocket Size Printers. wow i need this for school.

Keyboard Organizer

KaHool! Buccaneer Steampunk Computer Keyboard.

iPad Bluetooth keyboard that rolls up

WOW-Keys iPhone Keyboard Dock by Omnio ($100.00) is a full-sized QWERTY keyboard/dock combination that allows you to input text from your iPhone to your desktop computer and also enables you to use your iPhone as a trackpad. With intuitive buttons and 12 different hotkeys, the dock also works with the iPod and is both Mac and PC compatible. Available for purchase now through select stockists.

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Toaster USB Hub