ohh wow

by Tony Printezis

Managed to get the window seat? Enjoy the view - but don’t forget to view these on-flight exercises to help lower #DVT risk too http://bit.ly/TravellerTips

Travel the World

Take us somewhere tropical.

A unique airplane window shot. Not of the typical billowy clouds, but the twinkling night sky.

You have no idea. ..



When you find a place that allows you to see the world from a better perspective. Embrace the peace that will come o you close your eyes, scrunch your toes and know that you were born to be happy. How you get there is completely in your hands. 168 ; )

Travel my dear



california sunsets

full moon in Greece

Hello yellow cab | SamAlive on Flickr, January 2014 //

This is how I wanna travel this is awesome!!! :)


Plane landing at sunset in Barcelona - El Prat, Catalonia