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Daniel Bruhl as Nikki Lauda

RUSH - Daniel Bruhl as the iconic Niki Lauda

Nuevo poster de" Rush", Daniel Bruhl es Nikki Lauda

Such a movie star...Daniel Bruhl

Daniel Bruhl - Rush

Daniel Bruhl looking amazing

Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda - Rush. Brilliantly portrayed. He was an asshole but you can't help but like him. Lauda is badass because even though he was horribly burned in a fiery crash he took 4th in his first race back!

With Nikki Lauda

Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda - his charisma broke through all the make up and gruffness of the character ... he truly is what movie stars are made of...i can honestly say he took my breath away the first time i saw him -- and he doesn't even look like this!

The moment in RUSH when women everywhere realized they wanted to sleep with Niki Lauda more than James Hunt... (thanks to Daniel Bruhl)

Daniel Bruhl. Omiggooooddd. The hottest man alive aside from my husband.

Auction – Prop Store - Ultimate Movie Collectables - RUSH MOVIE PROPS INCLUDING DANIEL BRUHL'S "Niki Lauda" racing outfit all going on auction June 23. HOLY. SHIT.

Daniel Bruhl (Lauda)

daniel bruhl, there isnt hyperbole big enough to express my love.

Rush - Niki Lauda

daniel bruhl

James Hunt & Niki Lauda

Daniel Bruhl

Niki Lauda F1 World Champion 1975,1977,1984

Nikki Lauda

Nikki Lauda