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    Yard ideas house-ideas. Build an outdoor bowling alley!

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    Backyard bowling alley and other DIY projects for backyard play

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    DIY Backyard Bowling Alley if I had a big back yard

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    Fun outdoor idea! Build this outdoor bowling alley for your back yard to make sure you enjoy that space as much as possible. We like the idea of leaving some area in the garden clear for this!

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How to remove calcium buildup - CLR!

This article has great tips for getting up stains. I used the detergent method on a 5-year-old ... stain that had already been professionally steamed cleaned. After I applied the "detergent" from the article, I put a washcloth over the spot, dampened it with the mist from my iron, and ironed it. The carpet looks new. In that spot.

Add a cup of baking soda to the toilet, leave it for an hour, and then flush. It will clean the toilet and absorb the odor. This site also has 75 other uses for baking soda! BAKING SODA WILL SAVE THE WORLD!!! I just know it!

Family tree!

Tree with shelves.

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Plant holders make great hair styling supply holders

Glue Gun, Scissors, River Rocks at the dollar store! and Shelf Liner (or mat) in a matching color. A few different ideas using stones on this site.

A whole site of sewing tutorials. Could come in handy :D

Add baking soda to the water when you hard boil eggs. It raises the pH of the water and makes them easier to peel by reducing the albumen's ability to stick to the shell. Nice tip!

Amazing! I didn't know you could freeze avocados! Now I can stock up on them when they're on sale.

Bottle cap on open bags

Boys Boys Boys!!!


This is a GREAT website that shows you how to build or fix almost anything in your house

This long-forgotten gem of a cleaning agent may be used with a little water or vinegar to lift even the most stubborn stains. Unattractive grout driving you batty? Mold and mildew stains got you reaching for the Prozac? Burner pans and casserole dishes giving you fits? Cream of Tartar is your new best friend.

My bathtub has never been whiter!! Works great on glass shower doors too- no more soap residue! Martha Stewart's Tub Scrub--works better than any other cleaning product to get off hard water and soap residue

Who knew? If emergency occurs... While the blood is gushing - hold pressure and crack open an egg. Peel that membrane off and put it on the wound (continue holding pressure) The membrane will harden and keep the wound closed until you can get stitches

When a cucumber is taken from the vine let it be cut with a knife, leaving about an eighth of an inch of the cucumber on the stem, then slit the stem with the knife from its end to the vine leaving a small portion of the cucumber on each division and on each separate slip there will be a new cucumber as large as the first.


The best non-toxic way to clean your oven... smells like cherries!