This Church building remodelled into a greenhouse is beautiful. To make a greenhouse like it would be awesome!


made from old windows

Our Chapel!

Alabama chapel . . . love it.

Feel... trimwork

Mount Vernon, Missouri - Tiny Church - Missouri's Smallest

Historic Saint Teresa of Avila church in Bodega, California built in 1859.

White chapel in SC

can l live here?


greenhouse. Brick


Combo shed and greenhouse, with floor plan.--- my hearts desire. I need my own home NOW! I want to plant and watch things grow in my beautiful greenhouse.Garden Sheds, Ideas, Art Studios, Backyards Studios, Potting Sheds, Greenhouses, Gardens, Green House, Pots Sheds

garden shed made from old windows. Gorgeous

Cool shed at the Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park north of Seattle, Washington • photo: Gayle Sackett

I'm in love!

Wow. Love this little garden room, salvaged materials, architecture, bricks, opens out into beautiful garden


backyard garden shed

Roof gardens