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Sleeps With Dogs

Sleeping with dog

sleep with dog ❤

Sleeping with the dog.

Nothing like having a nap with your dog #dog #sleep #love #animals

Too sad this is only the expectation of sleeping with a dog, they are actually big bed hogs!

Forever alone. Also, sleeping with a dog is never like this. More like a paw in the ribs and getting kicked out of bed.

Why You Shouldn’t Care That My Dog Sleeps In My Bed

Toy Poodle Snuggle.......Cutest toy Poodle enjoying a little snuggle time Awwwww what a little sweetie!..


So cute... mans best friend can manage to find the most interesting ways to muscle in on your space


The "new" Mazda!

Easterlin Park!

Georgia Aquarium

Winning words!

Coral Gables Water Tower

It grew over night!