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    - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time. TravelNerdNici.com

    Yeah like no thinking...planning..worrying...hesitating.. wondering...wishing...wanting...admiring... "what if"ing...just GOING!! #travel #Till you advent!

    YES. when i went to go work in ohio for the summer where I didn't know a single person, this was my favorite part. Nobody knew me, so they couldn't judge me. Best summer of my life. Traveling alone to a new place definitely helps you find yourself.

    This is on my bucket list. To take a long road trip with no pre-made plans, no agenda, not even a destination in mind. Just pack to be prepared for what may come, hit the road, and go where God leads. We will do this.

    The thing is, my grandparents had this Sierra Club image framed in their kitchen the entire time I was growing up.

    Diane Arbus. She was an American photographer and writer who was primarily known for black-and-white square photographs of "deviant and marginal people or of people whose normality seems ugly or surreal", according to Wikipedia. Seems like a pretty cool chick to us. : ) #quote #travel #WorldVentures

    #travel Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Photo by Julia Dávila-Lampe

    Travel Quotes That Will Inspire You to Explore the World.... can't wait to travel. i want to see everythingggggg