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"I am a product of endless books" -- C.S. Lewis



they do not. #reading, #books

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Girl Classics - The Secret of the Old Clock #tbt

So true

Best we've seen yet.

"Reader, I married him." -Jane Eyre


Reading together


Historical novel set in 1837; release date: April 1, 2014.

great disney quote

✨I love this!✨ "Once upon a time..." These are magical words our world has ever known and the gateway into the greatest stories ever told. They're an immediate calling to anyone who hears them-a calling into a world where everyone is welcome and anything can happen. Mice can become men, maids can become princesses, and they can tach valuable lessons in the process.


The entire text of The Hobbit as a poster. #WANT

On the magical connection between author and reader.

Random Lit Geek humor...


Compulsive book buyer here!!!

Ray Bradbury: The Problem In Our County Isn't With Books Being Banned But With People No Longer Reading