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Glowing waterbeads - these things are so cool and easy to make!

To make glowing water beads soak clear water beads in glow water for several hours. I have made glowing water beads both from brand new wat.

Use Glow Bracelets for Easy DIY Glow Beer Pong! https://glowproducts.com/us/standard-glow-bracelets-assorted-colors #BeerPong #Parties                                                                                                                                                      More

8" Standard Glow Bracelets - Assorted Colors

Glowing Rainbow Water Beads ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Glowing Rainbow Water Beads FROM Growing A Jeweled Rose. She has alot of fun glow in the dark activities for babies and toddlers.


DIY Glow in the Dark Doodle Paints- easy to make and SO FUN! {The texture of the paint allows kids to easily doodle and draw fun works of art}

Note to self:  Petroleum jelly glows under black light

Note to self: Petroleum Jelly also glows under black light. Smear this on my walls for the black light effect. Write messages on the walls and flick it on the walls like blood splatter

Glow in the Dark Cupcakes. Easy, fun and what a WOW factor!!

RECIPE: Glow in the Dark Cupcakes. Easy, fun and what a WOW factor! Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark Spooktacular Halloween Party Decorations & Ideas

Glow in the Dark ICE Cubes. Mix equal amounts of water and tonic water, then freeze in ice cube tray. They glow under a black light

Glow in the Dark ICE Cubes - Great under the black lights! Mix equal parts Tonic water (that has quinine in the ingredients) with water. Add, additional flavors {lemon, lime, etc. Freeze in ice cubes trays!

Outdoor Activities

Fun Outdoor Family Games

Night bowling- a super fun activity for Summer. My kids had so much fun, and the glowing ball and pins are easy to make, too! Hamster ball used with a glow stick

Edible Water Beads

Edible Water Beads (Growing A Jeweled Rose)

They are awesome, easy, and TASTY! xo, B Edible water beads; a safer alternative to traditional water bead play. These are easy to make & SO FUN!