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David Lebovitzfrom David Lebovitz

Truffle Hunting

Truffle hunting scene

This is excellent -- many pictures of "unlikely animal friendships," as they say, and videos, too. (For some reason, the picture shown here of the little girl and the fawn doesn't seem to be included!!)

These are darling little "Wood ducklings." Wood Ducks, make their nest up in a tree and when babies (about 10-14) become fledgelings, momma stands down on the ground by the tree and calls to them. They bail out of the tree hole like paratroopers and the landing never phases them. Then she marches them down to the water and they live out the rest of their lives, there. Amazing to watch!

Aw! So cuuttee baby duck. - Cute animals #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

7 little baby ducks and there mommy duck!

cute piglets butts...! Bacon, bacon, bacon!!!!