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Concept cars and trucks: Various vehicle concepts by Elijah McNeal

MAN Concept S, Futuristic Truck


Concept Military Vehicles | Keywords: video game vehicle concept heavy transport carrier digital ...

Colani's Concept Truck • "These awesome trucks have been made on a Mercedes platform and are the sexiest trucks on the planet. A Swiss-German industrial designer named Luigi Colani has crafted them."

Looks like we're finally getting a new rig to haul Sweet Crystal's equipment with - wonder if it comes in black?

Even beat up, rusting hulks still retain some of their ruggedness. I once drove 60 miles to Darby , Mont., to see a 50-year-old rig that was left to rust in the back lot of a local garage. Elderly trucks last a lot longer in the dry Western weather. As a matter of fact, junkyards in the West are always a lot more interesting than those in humid climates.

Now this is a Semi truck !!! Awww yeah jet fuel packed semi truck!