grammar nazi strikes again

A test for everyone who starts using the Internet… <---- love it

When you're a grammar nazi ALL OF YALL DEAD ANNOYING THO.. Social media is NOT an English class assignment

12 Hilarious Grammar Mistakes on Facebook & SMS -

yes, grammar IS important. @Brandi Harris

32 Funniest Break Up Texts, Comebacks & Ex Trolling

Wow! A grammar card about interjections!

"Whom is vocabulary drenched in bourbon, monocles, and mustaches."

Prepositions of time examples

Recently Grammarly asked its social media communities which writing mistakes were the worst kinds of errors. Our fans tend to find substantive …

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THERE, THEY'RE AND THEIR: Do you know someone who has a problem differentiating these three words on paper? Well before you start becoming a grammar Nazi, have a consideration for the fact that The English language is strewn with plenty of challenges just like this one. We understand how to use them, however other adults don’t.

grammar nazi

Someone Call The Grammar Police! #Grammar #Editing #Teaching

How to kill a Grammar Nazi

It's funny. Except not spot on. Should've changed "we was" to "we were." Sigh, What a failure in grammar nazi-ism.

How to prank a grammar nazi.... this would drive me nuts!!

Grammar Nazi promotion.

This is the best prank I have ever seen.

Why It's Hard Being A Grammar Nazi The only thing more annoying than having your grammar corrected is having to be the one constantly correcting everyone's grammar. And let's not even start with how bad things are on the Internet.

The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively

Wuts a grammer? Lol I am a grammar nazi tho