• Shannon Wendt

    This made me laugh out loud! So true! I swear this is my dog :)

  • Bethany Lieb

    My dog… you don’t even understand. THIS IS ALL SHE DOES. She’s a Golden Retriever as well. Then you let her in, and she tries to herd you towards the door to go out again. I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!! What do you want from me!?! Just….talk. Tell me what you want.

  • relolver girl

    Story of my life! (Only the names have changed ... used to be Jack & Hannah; now, Julia & Ranger! LOL!) (Funny Animals) - http://relolver.com/story-of-my-life-only-the-names-have-changed-used-to-be-jack-now-julia-ranger-lol/

  • Janet

    So true of every pet i every haf

  • Christina Gonzalez

    Dog memes that always make me laugh - Imgur

  • Linda Jungersen

    This is so true. The dogs are always on the wrong side of the door!!!

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