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They’re all really good looking- the last one though.. How is that even possible?? this makes me really sad....whenever i run I look like a dying fish..

Me-"Okay.......I'm trying to think of a happy hero besides Donkey an I can't....."

haha I could do that again!

story of my life - all day long at work - that's why i have to eat 24/7 like i'm a cookie monster - i swear i have 2 stomachs!

this is a really cool rage comic....cthis on prolly took about 5 minutes to make....

Pretty much my exact reaction pahahaha!

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"The physical appearance of the please makes no difference." Favorite line ever!

so she said... And I think I have problems getting people to babysit

very true...although... it's more fun eating it like the bottom picture all of the time :)

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