For working on a specific behavior, such as blurting - every time someone blurts, we lose a happy face (these are the chances) - still some left = whole class reward (marble jar, etc) This blog has GREAT ideas for primary classroom management!

A cute and easy way to do brain breaks. Anytime I think one is necessary in my classroom I would have a student come up and draw from the cup blindly and whichever activity they draw the whole class will do. All these ideas are real simple and provide as a quick break to help refocus my future students.

Sunny In Kindergarten: Behavior Management: Individualized I Love the lanyard token board!

Stop the Interrupting! Blurt Alert cards-This freebie consists of 3 different sets of "blurt alert" cards. The basic premise: each time a student interrupts you or blurts out, hand them a card and keep talking. There are a number of ways to incorporate this into your existing classroom management system, or to use as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 intervention. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Behavior chart

Great website for behavior ideas

My New Behavior Reward System

behavior by Growing Kinders

Classroom Management Strategies: Secret Superhero - Put a secret name in the jar each day. If that student follows the rules on that day, he/she gets a treasure.

FUN Hallway Behavior Management Idea (that actually works!)

The End of the Jar is a great way to end the school day and wonderful for classroom management!

Kindergarten Behavior Management Chart - very visual & specific

Must use these classroom management ideas!

class management

Freebie - Classroom Management - Transition Songs for Lining Up

Whole Class Behavior Management Idea.

How to set your computer to play music automatically at transition times. I just set mine up - the middle school kids love it!

Telling Time

Managing the Cycle of Acting-Out Behavior in the Classroom

Behavior Management Ideas