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Great idea!  Perfect for part-part-whole.

Dry erase on plastic plates, hmm. From previous pinner: Perfect for math in focus number decomposition! Use a plastic plate and you can write with dry erase! Great to teach part part whole, fact families, etc.

Tons of number sense activities and lessons for the kindergarten and first grade classroom. These games provide meaningful practice to develop number sense.

Comparing Numbers: Building Number Sense in Kindergarten and First Grade! Plenty of hands-on games and activities that have students identifying, ordering, and comparing numbers

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Teaching in Progress: What's Your Magic Number? Composing/decomposing numbers Make ladybug addition worksheet as morning work

This morning when we woke up to a miserable windy, dusty, trash-floating-through-the-air sort of day, Miss G and I opted to stay in and have a quiet day at home.  We made a big pot of oatmeal, read stacks of books, played some games, built puzzles, and then played this super fun and simple play … … Continue reading →

Playdough Subtraction Activity for Kids - LOVE this fun and clever idea for kids to practice subtraction! Great math activity for preschool, kindergarten, and grade.

Money Math  Center

Money piggy bank - cookie sheet, glue coins to magnets. Could have them make the amount on the piggy bank.

gives them a reference in the classroom

This is dealing with number sense.If I would have students each create one of these numbers, then hang them all in my math area of the room. This would be great to use in Kindergarten and First Grade.

Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten: 'Building' Our Knowledge of Addition...1 Tower At A Time!

'Building' Our Knowledge of Tower At A Time! Students could also be asked just to build a tower with the number of blocks they see on the card.


Started by setting out a couple of addition flash cards and the child to make the addition problem with the cubes. Show child that they can self check with the answers on the back. Can also use with Legos!

zoooooo makkelijk, dat ik er zelf niet opkwam

zoooooo makkelijk, dat ik er zelf niet opkwam

Easter inspired maths!

This activity can be done at s first grade math station. The goal of the activity is to find the missing addends, and to complete the problem. I just thought it was a cute little activity that young students can do. Uses Easter Eggs -Amy Miskowicz

Primary Learning Logs: Egg Carton Math

Primary Learning Logs: Egg Carton Math --Multiply the dice.using only one number on one dice and any on the other for each times table

Mrs. Bohaty's Kindergarten Kingdom: Some of my favorite...math stations edition

These are great-- I will use them this upcoming school year! Bohaty's Kindergarten Kingdom variety of math station activities I like: number pockets -- match numeral and dots number chain -- numeral order number tic-tac-toe -- number aware

Dot counting game: turns rolling a number die and the color die. If we rolled a "3" and a "teal" then we would put 3 teal dots on a piece of paper. We weren't making any special pictures, we were just going to play until the paper was filled up

What a fun game! Make two dice: one with numbers, and one with colors. Roll the dice, then use dot stamps to make that number of dots in that color on your paper. My adaption would be to have the dice be a doubles dice to practice double math facts

Thanksgiving theme math project. Could do with flowers,  shamrocks, Christmas trees. ..

Thanksgiving Math: Multiple ways to show the same answer. For higher grade levels -- use the number on the body to show factoring, and the tail feathers to show the math fact. Put product on body, different strategies to solve the fact.