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Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 107 Pics

I love waking up with you by my side. You turn dull moments into entertaining ones. You're always there for me. iPhone, I'd be lost without you.

I re-pin all of your stuff & you re-pin all of mine... Even though we've never met, clearly we are pindred spirits.

If Britney Spears can survive 2007, I should be able to get through today.

Nothing is more frightening than accidentally making eye contact with a guy who runs a mall kiosk.

it really is... and this is the reason I look horrible when I get home from work...

I'd jump up and down for joy, but my boobs are just way too big for that nonsense. - for my sister lol

Some days, the supply of available curse words is insufficient to meet my demands.

Funny Confession Ecard: Just an FYI that my breakdown has passed and I'm back to my normal level of insanity.