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Not that we see much of the toes ... but these are SO CUTE! Pink paisley pedicure ♥

halloween by jamylyn_nails #nail #nails #nailart

Chevron Nail Art

Neon peach with two accent nails.

When doing your nails, use Elmer's glue around your nail, let it dry, go crazy with paint, and then peel off the glue. WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?!

For holidays: deep emerald with sparkly gold.

DIY Swirl nails

Fall leaf nails. Cute!

Snowman Nails

What??? Soaking feet in vinegar (apple cider being best) for the softest feet ever!!! Its also a great remedy for many problems like toenail fungus, dry feet, tired feet, etc. are some vinegar foot soaks that will help feet be soft

christmas nails

Use masking tape and craft punches to create nail art. >> Very smart!




Here's our new favorite way to get those TEENY TINY dots! Who knew a mechanical pencil was the best dotting too ever??

Splatter Paint Nails Tutorial | beauty tutorials.

DIY Glitter Nail Polish....where has this been all my life?

Black & pink

1) Paint your nails with a blue color. 2) Apply another coat of the blue. This will help to not get to your bare nail as fast. 3) Apply a white color on top of the blue. I used Sinful Colors in Snow Me White. 4) Dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and gently swipe away the white. Be careful not to get to your bare nail. 5) Top coat!

love these baby-pink nails with a smattering of gold #nails

Nail Art

Summer fingernails for girls

Halloween Flame Nails

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