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shoulder tattoo | Tumblr

Jason. Very unique and inspirational.

Good way to test out a tattoo before you get it! How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo: 8 steps (with pictures)

This is different from what I want but this is a gorgeous Phoenix feather tattoo

Phoenix tattoo... I really want one. No matter how many times my life gets burnt to the ground, I continually rise out of the ashes stronger and a better person.

Tattoo idea for children names... Click on the pic for more #tattoos Michelle Flynn Flynn Flynn Kao

City Scape tat by Gene Coffey

Very unique tattoo.

Awesome Peacock Feather

love the colors

i like it

best friend tattoo

Friend Tattoo

friend's tattoo


i like this quote. together forever never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.

I do not like this tattoo but I like the black and white with the shading. Will look good with my Phoenix since I don't like color.

wispy colors tattoo. Very unique.

Perfect pheonix tattoo to cover up the long scars and old tattoo that was cut up after both c-sections. Just have to make it go horizontally. My life has been crazy, so the the meaning fits; a new beginning, that no matter how bad (hot) things may get, you will get back up on your feet (rise out of the ashes).

Here you go Sheena Scheil



Sister tat idea Kellie Smith