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Hamlet’s indecisiveness

Polonius, with the assistance of his son Laertes, does his very to keep his daughter Ophelia from Hamlet. Despite the fact that he is aware of his daughters feelings for this young man, he fills her head with discouraging thoughts about their love. Thinking that her father is looking out for her best interest, Ophelia obeys his wishes to stay away from the love of her life even though it makes her unhappy. This probably was not the best of ideas that Polonius has had because he sends both…

Shakespeare Plays Given Tabloid Twist

Shakespeare's plays turned into tabloid covers

Shakespearean Autocorrects, part 2

Shakespearean Autocorrects, part 2 — Good Tickle Brain: A Mostly Shakespeare Webcomic

It's like killing Caesar from Better Call Saul

Do You Want To See All Of Shakespeare's Plays In Three Panel Comics?

Shakespeare's Plays In Three Panel Comics. -I love prince Hamlet; I dislike the play but love the character.