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my life in lists // what will my garden grow?

Another inspiration from 30 Days of Lists...but I made my own list that wasn't in their categories...I'm such a rebel. Let's see if I can successfully grow potatoes and artichokes this year. It wil...
  • Eileen Hochstein

    Cinder Blocks Garden Border (growing strawberries)

  • Kayla Casey

    Use cinderblocks to create raised bed and face with the rocks I have behind the house. Cover the top with wood to cover the cinder edging and then cut holes. Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden, what a perfect way to raise a garden and when the berries wander that block wall will look so pretty and green.

  • Nicole Kerrigan

    Strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden. Another garden border idea.

  • Ginny inMA

    Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks to edge a garden. This helps keep the strawberries off the ground and the warmth of the blocks helps them grow. Strawberries can also be quite invasive, so this cinder block method is a great way to contain them.

  • Cookie White

    Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden. Idea for a raised bed

  • jrachelle

    Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden - Great idea. The blocks will keep the strawberries from taking over everything. Not pretty at first but plants will quickly cover the blocks.

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