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Briliant short movie staring Clive Owen, James Brown, Gary Oldman and a BMW Z4 for a drag race on the Las Vegas strip! And don't forget the "It's Marilyn, th...

BEAT THE DEVIL - BMW Films - Directed by Tony Scott (RIP TONY) - Amazing short movie starring Clive Owen, James Brown, Gary Oldman, Danny Trejo, Marilyn Manson and a BMW Z4. James Brown challenges the Devil to a drag race on the Las Vegas strip.

I guess one of the few positive things you can say about Australian TV is that it serves the dietary requirements of a bad film addict. Tonights offering 'The Book of Eli' whilst containing a strong cast and a few interesting ideas (the ultimate downfall of Gary Oldman's character being the strongest) it is essentially a tenuous collection of action set-pieces and overly simple views of the power and nature of religion.