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38 Clever Christmas Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Store your ice cream in a plastic bag to keep it soft and ready to serve.

Making It Modernfrom Making It Modern

A Vintage Trick For Storing Lemons

Stop keeping your lemons on your counter top, in the pantry, or in a bag in your fridge. There is a better way! Cover with water and place in fridge. It seals the peels and keeps them fresh.

My son's doctor told me about this 37 years ago. Use Vicks Vapor Rub and socks. Even the worst cough can be stopped within 5-15 minutes, and lasts hours. Just apply the vapor rub generously to the bottom of your (or child's) feet, and cover with socks. works 100% of the time, and has been proven to work better than prescription drugs!....hmmmm i guess it wouldn't hurt to try

Hometalkfrom Hometalk

The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

The Magic Way to Clean Your Window. Use Dawn Dishwashing Soap and Jet Dry with warm water. Wash windows and rinse. No drying needed. Windows dry without and spots or streaks.

The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

The Rubber Band Trick: How to Keep a Cut Apple Fresh in Your Lunchbox

THANK YOU!!! Emma Kelly won't eat apples unless they're sliced and the pre-packaged ones are so expensive (and Lord only knows what they're sprinkling them with to keep them from turning brown...) I can't wait to try this trick and finally pack fresh apples in her lunchbox!!

BabyCenter Blogfrom BabyCenter Blog

9 back to school projects for kids

Secret message bananas: write on them with toothpicks and as the day goes on message appears

The Pin Junkiefrom The Pin Junkie

How To Keep Strawberries Fresh

How To Keep Strawberries Fresh: First, fill up the sink with just enough cold water to cover the fruit and add half a cup of white vinegar. Put the fruit in a colander so it's easy to get every thing out all at once. Soak the fruit for five minutes and then remove.

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How to Fix a Scratched DVD

Great Information for fixing a scratched DVD or CD.

eHowfrom eHow

How to Get Grease Stains Out of Clothes That Have Already Been Washed

This really works, grease, oil stains out of clothes. Leave dish soap on spot for 5-10 min. use a soft scrub brush and bingo its gone. Rinse and move on.....

Primally Inspiredfrom Primally Inspired

Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter Banana Pops

Diana's Bananas Banana Babies (frozen chocolate covered banana halves) are my favorite treat. I like the idea of making this version of a frozen banana pop with the addition of almond butter or peanut butter.