4 photography tips for dslr beginners . photography month

Depth of Field

How to Take Better Holiday Photographs Infographic

Simple Delights: Photography Tips {for beginners}

Shutter Speed: an overview | Boost Your Photography

Fabulous tutorial about aperture, ISO and Exposure!

Aperture explained in pictures, really helpful for beginners #photography (Scheduled via TrafficWonker.com)

Learning even just the basics of photography takes a bit of work and one of the more complex ideas is the relationship between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. German photography blog Photoblog Hamburg has a graphic explaining how it works.

Sparkler Photography: How to do this! Tells you what settings you need your camera on, and lots of other tips! Sweet! Not just for professional photogs to do!

Read at : http://dahoime.blogspot.pe

Buying a camera: everything you need to know. Lenses too!

Photography focus tip

Great Photography Technique - Joybxethereal atmosphere, you can use a trick that works wonders. You don’t need to watch any tutorial, you don`t need an expensive filter, you just need a plastic bag. You take a transparent plastic bag, you tear it in the middle and you wrap the bag around the lenses.

How to learn photography, easy, infographics cheatsheet| Stories by Joseph Radhik # Photography tutorial

good tips

Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet

Photoshop Friday Learn Editing Transform. Might be helpful to learn some more photography tips.

great tips on aperture, shutter speed and iso!

Tons of great tips on this blog