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Blood sucking moochers have no place in my life. I pity his next victim. She thinks herself his hero, believes his lies. The day she thinks to interfere with my family our progress is the day she gets a look at the real picture.

This is SO me ... the story of my life is waiting till it can be done perfectly. Must remember this daily. <<<glad I'm not the only one but sorry too!

This is for my sister, Sass.....if you ever did it, thought about it or had a vague dream that you may one day entertain the idea of it, she WILL find out about it....the girl got skills

Let me make this clear: ALWAYS!

No one will ever know how badly my fingers shake sometimes. Speaking the truth is the scariest thing I've ever done. Knowing I'm judged as evil, misunderstood, and sometimes hated hurts like hell, but my conscience won't let me be silent. I half wish I could, but I know me well enough to know I couldn't live in my own skin if I stopped trying.