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Sherman's Fox Squirrel ( Sciurus niger shermani ) - Florida

Abert's Squirrel, I think these are the squirrels around Crown King...

A Western Gray Squirrel in the snow from my photblind this morning. Mendocino County, California

"Fox Squirrel" [Scientific name - *Sciurus niger.* Sciurus is Greek for “shade tail” & niger is Latin for “dark.” Fox squirrels are noticeably bigger than gray squirrels and can have a variety of fur colors depending on their location.They can have a white belly & a face with black and white patches. In some areas they are also called the monkey-faced squirrel or raccoon squirrel due to their facial markings.]~[Photographer Sam Bland]'h4d'121103

♥ Mom carrying her infant in her mouth...

Arctic Fox!!! These animals are the most adorable spieces out,there! I,probabky just spelled that wrong!

Mr. Fox Squirrel is very large and visits my backyard almost every day to eat bird seed. He's huge and beautiful and very wary.