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This has been an issue for a long time. No one person is going to stop it, nor is one person alone responsible for stopping it but if we can raise awareness and bring light to what is happening, we can bring hope to these children. In the end hope is all any of us really has anyway.

Kony 2012 ok so this is by far the best way to get peoples attention about kony ok its on youtube ill watchit and like it that will last like two weeks everybody* looks at rage comics (*minus freaks that hate puppies and rainbows)

This is so much easier when you have the right fuel for your body. Get AdvoCare Products Here!

There is always a need for a plaid scarf and I have a plaid obsession!

Down the remind your daughter she's a daughter of the King. Love this ring!

Hammered Brass Geometric Cuff by RockSaltVintage on Etsy, $25.00 Lyndsay Rush we need the whole stack!

more kate spade idiom bracelet goodness. Love the colourful circles!

this has nothing to do with hunger games but this board is my most popular. Be a part of change! Help those in need!! #Kony2012