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Homemade Ketchup - my boyfriend LOVES ketchup one pinner said... Definitely trying this out; it has to be way better than processed ketchup with who knows what in it! ( :

making your own ketchup and mustard

a collection of nearly 20 different ketchup recipes

Make Your Own Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo and Chipotle Sauce

Homemade Ketchup - my kids will eat anything dipped in this. And since there is no sugar added, it totally counts as a veggie! | cupcakesandkalech... | gluten free, vegan

Homemade Tomato Ketchup with loads of added veggies - This tomato ketchup recipe will blow your socks off when dolloped on steak and chips – heaven!

This homemade mustard recipe will have you banning the store-bought variety from your fridge!

If you've never tried to make a few jars of jam, some apple butter or a batch of salsa, now's the time to get started. "The Art of Preserving," by Rick Field and Rebecca Courchesne, can get you started, and provides tasty, un-fussy recipes for established cooks as well. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Ketchup Sweetened with brown sugar, this homemade condiment pairs well with everything from french fries to meat loaf.