smokey & ashes

Floating staircase

lol gotta love dogs!




Snow #Labrador

perfect napping sofa

awww.. the white face <3

Glass Floating Stairs. Kinda reminds me of the apple store

love this coffee table

Samoyed Pup...looks so soft and fluffy!!

The Running Wall Residence / LIJO RENY architects

staris, walls. Fantastic!

Sneak Peek: Belinda Love Lee. "This is Dash our beloved whippet sleeping in Sarah’s room. He is a 40mile/hour couch potato! Like all whippets he loves his runs, but when at home all he really does is crash and sleep. It’s nice to have something to snuggle with through out the day when I need a break from work." #sneakpeek

Oh you lucky dog!

DIY: Step by step DIY tips to repurpose your disorganized closet into an organized craft space. Unbelievable transformation!



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