smokey & ashes

Scary or cool?

Masculin, comfortable, relaxed and chic - the perfect den.

golden cocker retriever (full grown); a puppy that looks like a puppy forever!!

Cool idea for Pearl ☺

Built-in corner shelf

The essentials of a good interior. Concrete floor, big plant and an Eames lounge chair (and some other nice things here :)Modern Vintage is our partner for furniture, and with Standard Studio we make the best interior designs. Branded environments and contemporary dream homes.

keep on keepin' on


OMG, I so want this!! Staircase slide!

cavapoo - this has to be the cutest dog breed ever!! Maybe I'll have one of these after the goldendoodle.. :)

I think I'll sleep right here #Dobie

aww # Pinterest++ for iPad #


Awesome Dog Beds

20 Dogs Who Do Incredible Work For Humans

aaaaaaaaaaw! :D to cute

So true. My Dog is a rescue dog that had once been abused, but he is so full of love, you would never know.